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Bee Pollen capsules – The Sweet Secret to Energy and Health

Throughout history, bees have been feared for their sting, and loved for their honey. Bees and beekeepers have had an almost mystical, magical quality. We have been amazed that the bee defies the laws of aerodynamics by being able to fly. Its large body and tiny wings are not conducive to flight. Beekeepers were believed to have a mystical, superstitious protection from the bees. All along, it may have just been the pollen that was magical.

Bee Pollen has been touted as nature’s perfect food. As a supplement, bee pollen capsules are purported to increase energy and help boost the immune system. It is high in protein, carbohydrates, B-complex, and Vitamins A, C, D and E.

Bee Pollen contains seeds from flowers. Honeybees gather the pollen from flowers as they moisten it with a dab of honey. The pollen is collected from bees with a special device which is placed at the hive entrance.

Researchers have attempted to create man-made pollen without success. When bees were fed synthetic pollen in place of natural pollen, the bees died. The synthetic version contained all of the known nutrients but it could not substitute for the real thing. Perhaps, there is a little bit of magic in those hives. Mother Nature cannot be duplicated with a synthetic fake made in a laboratory.

Bee Pollen Capsules for Energy

In Chinese medicine, bee pollen is used as an energy tonic. Throughout the world, bee pollen is used in diverse ways – to improve endurance and vitality, to assist recovery from chronic illnesses, treat addictions by reducing cravings, extend longevity and prevent colds and flu. It is also believed that it may even possibly help to counteract the effects of radiation and chemical pollutants and to have anti-cancer properties. Only further studies can verify these hopeful theories.

It is not surprising that so many health benefits are associated with this natural super food. It is actually amazing that you can buy this at all. One little teaspoon of pollen takes a bee about 240 hours to gather! One teaspoon has over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen. It is a rare and amazing gift of nature.

Substances in Bee pollen have been isolated which have anti-bacterial properties. These substances have proven effective in combating certain strains of bacteria, including salmonella.

Bee Pollen Capsules for Exercise

Athletes utilize bee pollen to enhance endurance, energy, strength and speed. It is believed that pollen may boost mental and physical reactions, and helps the body recover faster from repeated exertion. Non-athletes may experience the same benefits.

Bee pollen capsules can help the body to recover quickly from mental and physical stress. Energy levels are reportedly enhanced, enabling people to engage in activities for a longer period of time without becoming fatigued.

Some people feel that this helps them to stick to their exercise commitment.

Bee Pollen Capsules for Weight Loss

Many consumers use bee pollen as a diet helper. They believe it gives them more energy and less appetite. The increase of metabolism is what most diet pills promise, along with lowering of hunger pangs. However some weight loss products contain scary stuff that might not be healthy for the body. Meanwhile bee pollen is a natural health food you can trust.

The bottom line is, bee pollen is health food gathered from nature, that could be a healthy and more affordable alternative to synthetic and expensive diet pills. The only way to know if it will work for your diet is to try it for yourself for a month. The editors of this website find that it works well for us.


Bee Pollen Capsules for the Immune System?

A number of small studies hint that bee pollen might have the potential to be useful in immune support of cancer patients. The studies do not yet offer definitive scientific evidence. One such study from the University of Vienna involved twenty five women with inoperable uterine cancer. Some women were given bee pollen and the others were not. All of the women were treated with chemotherapy.

The women who received the bee pollen had a higher concentration of immune system cells, an improved level of red blood cells (often depleted by chemotherapy) and fewer side effects from chemotherapy. Of course no one is suggesting that bee pollen capsules are any kind of cure for cancer. All this study points out is that there is hope for bee pollen to help support the immune system.

In separate studies, Dr. Tsitsin and Naum Ioyrish, a Russian scientist both concluded that bee pollen may help contribute to a long life.



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