Let our private label team provide you with all the resources you need for your manufacturing needs.
Selecting the manufacturer significantly impacts on the credibility of product quality and customer service in general. Natural Vitamins Laboratory is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and has successfully produced hundreds of top selling products that are currently distributed through mass distribution chains and e-commerce sites. Our manufacturing plant has been designed by engineering experts according to the requirements of FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices 21 CFR Part 111.

Our manufacturing service specializes in the mixing of dry powders, filling and packaging of various nutrition products and also dietary supplements (including but not limited to protein powders, dietary supplements, functional foods, natural products, beverage mixtures Powder, vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and bulk raw materials).

Your account manager works with you to build a customized product based on your budget, schedule, and quality requirements. In addition to offering a range of stock formulas, flavors and packaging options, our food scientist works with you to develop your formulas, adapt your nutrition / supplement formulas to your target price range, and create unique flavor profiles to set up Its product differentiating itself from the competition.

We also offer complete graphic design services, logistics and shipping support, as well as variety of products and the lowest minimum orders in the industry.

Whether you are starting your own line of dietary supplements, or you are simply not satisfied with your current manufacturer, or if you want to become a distributor of Natural Vitamins Laboratory brands; Our team of experts will get you from point A to point Z in the shortest possible time, 100% guaranteed.

We have mastered the process of creating product concepts for marketing in six easy steps:

Step 1:
Get to Know Your Account Executive

Natural Vitamins Laboratory tries to build long term relationships with our clients. Customer service remains our number one priority because for us - your success is our success.

This is where she excels! - Business
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Step 2:
Build your products

There is no challenge too big for Natural Vitamins Laboratory when it comes to creating your product line. We have marked the success of hundreds of products that are currently distributed on e-commerce websites for sports and the best nutritional supplements as well as various retail stores.

Step 3:
Send you order for production

The account manager will generate an invoice, collect the amount and inform you of the delivery time. Our lead time is usually 2 weeks, however, based on the production schedule and raw material availability we may be able to accelerate your specific needs by evaluating case by case. Your account executive is your link to ensure that you get the best service possible.

Our strength in Natural Vitamins Laboratory lies in our ability to build your products, formulas and concepts into real products that can be manufactured in as little as 2 weeks. Our team of food scientists has over 28 years of experience in the development of sports nutrition and nutraceutical products.


Step 4:
Label Design

The next step in launching your product is to provide the design file of your current label. If you do not have a label design, Natural Vitamins Laboratory offers the home services in graphic arts.

Creating product labeling is a very exciting and rewarding experience, where the creative possibilities are endless. Send us your company logo to our team of graphic professionals to develop a product label that addresses your market and reflects the vision of your company.

Step 5:
Your product is ready

Within 2-3 days from its date of manufacture, your account executive will notify you and confirm the shipping instructions. Our home in the logistics department is available to book freight shipments, provide shipping documents when necessary, and support international shipments.


Your product is in your hands, we reviewed every detail, now is the time to move forward with your plans for your product launch. Whether your product is being sold on your website, clinic, doctor's office, gym, large distribution chain, private store, or somewhere abroad, you must be prepared to take advantage of the profit margins of your private label products.

We invite you to work with the only company in the industry that can take your business ideas and turn them into a fully functioning business in the shortest time possible.