Our Services

We have extensive experience with more than 25 years in the market providing our customers the complete manufacture of nutritional supplements. Our products manufactured to the highest quality standards and fast delivery time guarantee the satisfaction of all our customers.

We provide numerous services from the primary matter to the finished product:
Private label
Minimum amounts according to the customer
Formulation of product design
Packaging and Labeling
Regulator and supplies of International Documentation

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We offer you
Delivery of budgets without commitment in 48 hours or less.
Our manufacturing, graphic design and ordering services are designed to save time and money.
Coverage of all existing product needs in the market.
Fast response time.
Assignment of trained personnel to accompany you throughout the manufacturing process from start to finish.

SupplementsĀ and VitaminsĀ Manufacturing
We can help you in creating your own formulas, herbal products, sports supplements, and / or energy drinks. We maintain a large inventory of raw materials to ensure we have the necessary ingredients to develop your product quickly.

Our fast response time helps keep you up to date with a constantly changing marketplace, allowing you to checkmate your competition.

Natural Vitamins Laboratory has all capsules in size from 1 to 00. With the most advanced equipment we offer the highest degree of potency and formulation of capsules in the manufacture of their supplements. Our laboratory is equipped for large production series, with new encapsulation machines (GMP Brand Certificate) designed to produce supplement capsules with the most demanding requirements and specifications. We offer both gelatin capsules and vegetable-based, two-piece hard capsules that are available in a variety of colors.


Dietary Supplements
Energy Drink
Herbal Supplements
Sport Nutrition


Soft capsules (liquid and oil)


Spraying, melting and blending
Formulation and Product Development
Extraction and filling liquid
High Efficiency Intelligent Film Coating
Solid Packing Blister Dosage of bottling and labeling
Microbiology Laboratory
export Documentation
Supply of raw materials

Packaging and Labeling

Do you want to manufacture a nutraceutical product with us, but also need label design and printing services? We can help you with that, too! Our experienced staff of graphic designers and print specialists can design eye-catching labels for your products according to FDA requirements as well as packaging designs that will help your product stand out in the market.

Blister Packs
Folding Cartons
Shrink Wrapping

Display boxes
Multi Dose Packaging
Powder Dose Packaging
Single Dose Packaging
Digital & Flexographic Printing

Formulas for each client

The word "NO" is not in our vocabulary because we are experts in building formulas that match your budget, nutritional needs and taste. Just fill in the budget request form that indicates your budget, schedule, nutritional needs, type of packaging, and flavor selections.

Once you define your product needs, you will receive a product proposal package consisting of a price quote (valid for 15 days), personalized nutrition data and product samples for approval for free. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product specifications.

Our strength at Natural Vitamins Laboratory lies in our ability to build your products and formula concepts into real products that can be manufactured in as little as 2 weeks.

From start to finish, we work with you and your company to understand your main marketing goals and provide a comprehensive online marketing plan. We have the ability so you can start uploading quickly and making money with your product.